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James Meredith - VP, Marketing & Communications
Thursday, May 26, 2011
Cinemark's Digital Projectors offer the Brightest Light Standards in the Industry

Plano, TX- Cinemark Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: CNK), a leading motion picture exhibitor, today announced that their Barco DLP projectors are capable of the biggest and brightest 2D and 3D images on the market, meeting or exceeding industry standards. 

Cinemark's projectors use a feature called "Constant Light Output" that turns up the power to the projector's lamp throughout the life of the bulb to ensure that every presentation meets industry light quality standards.  Their 3D system uses the full light output capability of the digital projector to ensure the brightest 3D presentation possible. 

"At Cinemark, we continually focus on offering our customers the best technology solutions available, which enables us to deliver a premium digital entertainment experience," states Damian Wardle, Vice President of Theatre Technology and Presentation for Cinemark USA, Inc.  "When playing 2D movies, our policy is to slide the RealD 3D filter out of the way of the lens.  This action takes just a matter of seconds and ensures that the image is exactly as the studio intended it to be shown.  Additionally, we have very strict standards of monitoring bulb life and changing it if it falls below light standards." 

Going forward, Cinemark is continuing to provide their customers with the best presentation possible by deploying Barco DLP Cinema 4K digital projectors.  Barco holds the "Guinness Book World Record" for having the brightest projector in the world.  Additionally, Cinemark is deploying Doremi 4K Internal Media Blocks with ShowVaults. 

About Cinemark Holdings, Inc. 

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